Stop the Steal California is a committee of concerned Californians who have aligned to oppose the pending recall of Governor Gavin Newsom. We are not affiliated with Governor Newsom’s anti-recall committee; however, we do support its goals and objectives.

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We believe the recall is prohibitively costly and ill-timed.



A statewide special election will cost taxpayers $400 million at a time when we have near record unemployment and a large part of California businesses not operating at full capacity.



It is incredibly wasteful since a regularly scheduled statewide election is scheduled for June 2022, which is just months after the expected late November 2021 special election.



California is still trying to cope with a worldwide pandemic. Governor Newsom should devote his time to getting schools and businesses open rather than the petty politics of a recall election.

Times have changed; voters have a right to change as well. It wouldn’t take too many to end the recall and stay focused on what matters.

Proponents are the minority voice – making untested and unreliable claims stoked at the darkest time of the pandemic when the governor fought COVID-19 with no federal help.

The pandemic is non-partisan. It kills at will. It is waning, but not yet over. The recall is a petty distraction when instead serious attention must be on recovering.

Governor Newsom has defended CA without playing politics. He has led the state. We must the stop the recall while we can. Only a fool would change riders in the stretch run.

If Governor Newsom runs for re-election, the campaign will be held in June 2022 where voters can cast a ballot without the burdens and distractions of a pandemic.

The recall of Governor Newsom is ill-timed, costly and ridiculous. He has guided California through a world-wide pandemic. There was no playbook for an event like this and he’s done nothing to warrant a recall. The proponents have had the public forum to themselves. No longer, we’re here to defend the Governor.

Don Perata, Stop the Steal California Campaign Chair; Senator (ret)

Newsom is doing something very smart, and that is that he is engaged now. The people have already succeeded with that, even if there’s no recall, because he now has gotten out of Sacramento. He is traveling around the state, is being seen everywhere, is involved and engaged with the vaccine, is involved with education. I see him on the news all the time now. And you know, he’s handling this situation really well. That is already a victory.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Former California Governor; Businessman


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